About me

Our Tribe in Ukraine

I’m a regular guy who’s worked a myriad different jobs but I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

My wife is my rock, ever present and always beside me.

My boy is equal parts striking similar and drastically different – his own little man.

Lil’ Girly has yet to join us on the outside world but we’re eagerly waiting for her.

This site is a continuation of my former blog.  It encompasses cultural observations, historical tidbits, family updates, political rants, hunting stories and general musings… all hopefully conveyed with humility, honesty and maybe a little bit of wit.  In short, it’s Matty’s Place because it’s just a little bit of all the stuff that gets me going, fires me up and makes me passionate.

You can take it or leave it but it’s all me.

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